Yellow Room


This room is designed for infants ages birth to 12 months. The Yellow Room is led by Ms. Victoria, her passion for providing a warm, nurturing, and safe environment is clear the moment you walk in the door. In this room the babies enjoy being snuggled, rocked, talked to, read to, and played with.

Primary Caregivers

Even though all the Yellow Room teachers work together to care for all the children, each baby is assigned a primary caregiver. A primary caregiver will specialize in all things regarding their assigned children, meaning what makes them happy, comfortable, or upset. This will help the infants develop a strong sense of security and trust, an important developmental milestone for this age.


A baby’s brain is like a sponge, constantly absorbing the world around them through every interaction. On top of regular conversations, outside time, art, and sensory each baby will have their own individual goals based on their ages and parent input. We strive to meet milestones like rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, etc. The teachers also do group activities, read stories, and sing songs. Every teacher in the Yellow Room is familiar with baby sign language and work throughout each day building this communication with the babies.

Safe Sleep

Safe sleeping babies are very important to us. All teachers at Bailey Preschool are required to take a course in Infant Safe Sleep and SIDS. While at daycare all babies are placed to sleep on their backs in an approved crib, which is equipped with a mattress and tight-fitting sheet only.