Purple Room


Our Purple Room is one of our transitional preschool classrooms designed for children 3-4 years old. This class room is led by Ms. Zhane who works continuously to build their self confidence as they challenge themselves academically and physically, while teaching them to follow established boundaries that 3 year old children love to push.


Ms. Zhane looks at where each child is at developmentally and then meets them there. She follows developmentally milestones and goals appropriate for a 3-4 year old classroom and assesses each child and makes a plan on how to get each child on track. The children in this class start their morning with free play before heading to “circle time”. After circle the children do their gross motor play either outside or in the gym (weather depending) then come inside for small group activities. These activities are set up for both independent learning and group learning, the children in the Purple Room love exploring sensory bins as part of their regular lessons.

Sensory Play

Each month the Purple Room has a focus theme which guides the lessons. With this, Ms. Zhane spends time designing hands on sensory opportunities that promote each theme. Children are encourages to explore the bins to challenge themselves but never forced as we understand sensory issues are a serious matter. One of the class favorites is “pond life” which is feature below.

Reading and Literacy

The Purple Room spends time reading books each day. Book time is encouraged throughout the day and new books are brought in monthly to increase and promote a healthy interest in reading. With this, the children spend time working other literacy skills through songs, rhymes, and alliteration.