Food and Kitchen

Bailey Preschool provides two snacks and lunch everyday. All meals and snacks follow the USDA approved meal patterns. Our menu follow an eight week rotational schedule. Each week a paper menu is posted weekly in the the main entrance of the building as well as on our school communication app ClassDojo. Click rotational menu schedule to view our rotational menus and 2022 schedule. Menus are subject to change based on availability of products or for posted sack lunch days. Changes in the menu will always be posted in the front lobby as well as on Class Dojo.

Lunch is served family style as much as possible. Family style allows the children the ability to serve themselves while having a comfortable atmosphere to eat and talk. This is such an important part of establishing a healthy relationship with foods and helps greatly with children trying new foods.

Classrooms are able and encouraged to provide safe cooking opportunities for the children. Some meals that have been cooked by the children are: pancakes, quesadillas, mini pizzas, uttapam, or homemade ice cream. Simple recipes with an array of ingredients allow children to become familiar and excited about new foods, being a part of the cooking process encourages them to try things they may not have before.

One of our favorite meals to cook the children are tacos or nachos! These two meals are quick, easy, and provide the children opportunities to try more veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, corn, or beans in a food they enjoy! Serving this meal also allows the children a time to build independence when they assemble their own tacos.

rotational menu schedule