Dark Blue


Our Dark Blue Room is a Pre-K classroom with a focus of fostering kindergarten readiness. This room is led by Ms. Bailey and Ms. Becca. Through careful planning and organizing they designed this room with hands-on materials, lessons and learning centers to help your child grow socially and emotionally. This classroom coordinates with East Lansing Public Schools on what is needed for kindergarten.


Curriculum is tailored to the developmental needs of the enrolled group but also based on the goals of ELPS for prekindergartners. Daily lessons include principles of math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and art. The classroom has a “morning meeting” every day as well where they gather as a group to share ideas, promote oral communication and learn new concepts and skills. Throughout the day, the children will bounce between small and large group activities with the teachers. Presenting activities in small and large instruction allows teachers to watch for milestones and successes as well as provide peer support and encouragement. Lessons are created and posted for our parents to see both in the classroom and on our classroom communication app Class Dojo.

Learning Centers

On top of daily writing, math, and art activities, the kids enrolled in dark blue dive deep into exploring the why, what, and how of the world around them in learning centers. We love to investigate and learn about the world around them and in this room with exploration through play. The learning centers in this room include dramatic play, puzzles, reading, writing, blocks and cars, art, music and movement, and gross motor.

Social Emotional

This room understands that practice makes perfect in life and provides countless opportunities for social emotional development. During free play children are encouraged to play with others around them allowing time for sharing, open communication, and conflict resolution. This classroom loves family style mealtimes for the independence they are given to serve themselves and well as the community environment created through conversation.