Coral Room


Our Coral Room is designed for 2½ year old children. This room is led by Mrs. Sharon who works on building each child’s independence through daily activities and experiences. In the Coral Room children are encouraged to practice many self help skills with teacher guidance.


Just as the other classrooms in the building, the Coral Room’s lessons and curriculum are designed to fit the developmental needs of the children enrolled. Lessons in this room are geared towards shapes, colors, counting, and name recognition. Because these children are closer to preschool age, they have more guided table activities than the Green Room but there is still room for personal exploration. The teachers in this room track development through observation and assessment which guides their weekly activities.

Music and Books

This age group loves singing new songs and reading new books. Because of this, songs and finger plays have become a big part of this classroom. The children learn new songs during circle time each week. Everyday the children read a story and then discuss it as a group. This is a simple activity great for the skills recognizing and recalling. One of Mrs. Sharon’s favorite books is I Like Myself, a great book for promoting self confidence and diversity.

Potty Training

Potty training can be stressful for families and that is why we stress the importance of being partners in this journey with you. If your child is showing signs of potty readiness, the Coral Room teachers will make a plan with you specific for your child. This room is equip with child size toilets to help make each child feel comfortable going at school.